Thursday, February 4, 2016

The biggest Misconception of Life?

As I was warming this cup of tea I prepared earlier, to take a short break from office work I am doing from home this late evening, I couldn't help but think how my life has changed in the past one year. I shifted roles in office, I found love and I married the love of my life.... all in a period of just few months. 
      I always thought the biggest misconception of life is that it's FAIR. You can not expect a Lion not to eat you because you are a vegan and don't harm anyone. But that's not it... The biggest misconception of life is that we assume it to be constant if we just keep on working hard to keep it so. The fattest lie we can tell ourselves is that things will remain as they are! What I don't understand is why do we have this urge to settle down when Nothing was ever built to be stable or to settle? Its not only Time that passes. Life will keep on evolving or degrading and you may think its course is upto you, but it really is not! 
        The decision to participate in, by making choices or not making them, might be yours...but it really does not matter too much... Life will keep moving on.. The only thing you can do is to push it into favourable direction (not right or wrong direction but favourable to your choices). But then even if you push it with all your might, there's no guarantee that you can move even an inch of it! The worst part is you will not even know if you were able to move it at all, till the time comes for Life to unfold the result! 
                  Everyone wants to know the future! Will I get married? Will my kids have good job? Will I get that promotion? Will I be happy? But the Truth is that you can never know the future! Lets look at it this way. 
     Consider your life like an energy/cosmic wave.Every passing moment, its getting impacted by millions of other waves, some pulling it some pushing it.
You, or your choices, try to push it towards a favourable track. However strong that is, its only ONE part of this whole system. There are millions of known and unknown waves, your friends, partners, health, bosses etc. Everyone has an impact. Unless you know the impact of each of these waves you can not know the course of your future! The funny part is, that even these waves are not constant and are again deflected by millions of other waves that are a part of their own system. Now where does Your single wave stand ?? Still think its all Your fault? Its not... and its not even "Luck" or "it was meant to be". Its just one possibility occurring (out of millions of random possibilities) due to the factors that controlled it at that time. You alone, just can't control it! No single thing can!
So the big question is, How can I be happy if I cant control my own life? Honestly there's no answer to that question! If we knew how to be happy, no one would be unhappy ever! The only thing that we CAN do is:

1. Try - to bring positivity and happiness. Push your wave with all your might, towards the favourable direction. You may not always succeed but you may just sometimes!

2.  Accept - what you can not control. Do not blame yourself or anyone. Its millions of waves deflecting your life towards the unhappy times. 

3. Know - that the state of happiness and unhappiness both will change. You will not was not meant to be constant!

4. Hope - that everything will be okay and the universe with millions of its waves will pull your life towards favourable tracks. Without hope there's nothing.  

...And now I need to get back to the pending work before its wave form brings an escalation on my head tomorrow! :D


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